Ave-Photography for ModelManagement

Bridal Fashion Show Barcelona

Mayte Models, Tere Afán School. With the Angelina Corsets and Vestits de Mon. Collaboration with Joaquim Verdú

MusicVideo for Dik Lewis

Whith the song Bouncin for ¨Blanco y Negro Music¨ Inclued in albums "Pioneer 2014"  Radio frequency and TV


Presumidas Pin up Expo Tatto Barcelona 2014

Fashion Show for Presumidas Pin Up in the Expo Tattoo Convention 2014 in Barcelona.

Fran Berbel and Ferran Descarrega photograpers.

Video MasterPiece Expo Tattoo Barcelona

Collaboration for the presentation of the Official video Tattoo Expo 2014 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXukqT0hTf0 Trailer

McGregor in Shoko Barcelona

Runway for the McGregor in Shoko Barcelona and Agency Mayte Models 

Makeup Tere Afán School and Inmodel Photography


Ferran Tort Art Design

Photo shoot for collection designer Ferran Tort Art and Pol Photography

Jed Nguyen Photography

With Laura Make Up. Sesion summer.

Barbara Mgm- Museum Maritime Barcelona

 Fashion Show "Life is the best show" for Barbara Mgm Lingerie designer in the Museum Maritime Barcelona.


Rosario Puñales Lingerie

New Collection Lingerie presentation in ¨Retablo Interiorismo¨ Barcelona.

Agustín Tensión Photography


Danny Gibert Photographer

PhotoShoot Playing with a guitar.

Danny Gibert Photographer

Photo Shoot for the project The Cube Essence

Image Official Hearth Weels Barcelona

 Skate Wheels brand. With Alba Photography

Runway and Video promo Fashion Show 

Runway participated with Ferran Tort Art Designer.

Official Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bDjCfvDATQ David Bargalló Photography

Bcn Events Fashion Show

Fashion Show for Bcn Events in Restaurant Miramar Lounge in Barcelona.

Jed Nguyen Photographer


Runway for Bcn Events Designer Carolina Salazar

Dianna Mazza Make up and Hairdresser. 

Alex Staffa Photography

Fashion Show Anna Naagy

Anna Naagy and Walter Maciel Stylist y Hairdresser in the celebration party neighborhood Sants Barcelona 2014

Alba Photography

Eolic Field in L 'Anoia, Barcelona.

J.Guell Photographer

J. Guell Photographer

Alba Photography

Alba Photographer Photoshoot