Distraida Photography

Natalia MakeUp Hairdresses Nicolas Rueda. Atrezzo Drakonia .

Video Making Off for Mikel Alors


Avetis Wedding

Bridal Fashion Show for L' Avetis Novias wedding brand in Shoko Barcelona.

The image you need Events in Shoko Barcelona Fashion Nights. Make-up artist Varu Makup.



Richard War

Fashion Show with 4 Eyes Wordl Store and Photography,  Makeup Nayara,   BrowDog Barcelona.


Sueños de Lucía Shooting

Photo shoot with Sueños de Lucia fashion designer. Willy Wenderdel Photographer.


XVIII Internacional Tattoo Barcelona

Fashion Show for Presumidas Fashion Pin Up In the XVIII Internacional Barcelona Tattoo Expo 2015. 

Cover Custom Machines

September 2015. With Perfect Cycles and Miguel A.Sanchez Burgos y Alvaro Cabezas. Video Edit Kiko Tequila


Simon Diaz Photography

Simon Diaz Photographer  from Los Angeles.  Barcelona Shooting

Bcn FestArt

Fashion Show BcnFestArt in the old factory Estrella Damm for Pau Esteve, Drè Design and Mude Design.



Martorell Fashion Show

Fashion Show with Royal Couture, Sueños de Lucía, Mapy del Río and Angelina Corsets. Martorell in Bareclona 2015


Cover Bcn Events Magazine

New cover of  June 2015  for Bcn Events Magazine Barcelona. Photography Pict_A.

Offcial Image Expo Pablo Danelutto

Official image and collaboration with Pablo Danelutto Photographer  

In the project Two Sides In the Mitte Gallery. From  11th February - 7 de March, 2015.

Fahion Show Juliette Hubert

Fashion Show with Juliette Hubert fashion designer , September in Crepes Barcelona 2015 

 L' Antre de Morriganne designs and  Carlos Prieto Photography 

Sol Custom Party Barcelona

Sol Custom Party in Gavá, Barcelona 2015. Sebastià Pagaroles,  Abel Portillo and Alba Photographers.

Motorcycles Custom , Choopers, HarleyDavidson, Mustang, Chevrolet.


Naturalnesss with La Masia Studio Barcelona

Masia Vintage Studio Barcelona. With Naturalness and Xavier Rovira in the Kfe Olé Hospitalet ,February 2015. 

With Juliette Hubert designer. Collaboration with GS Bears. They come to the event 30 different photographers.


Ana Gomez Reino Designer

Runway Ana Gómez Reino in the Under Barcelona 2015.

Fashion Show Presumidas Pin Up Riverside

In Calella Tarragona with Marquinho Photographer. Riverside Car Shows 2015

Dani Barrientos Photography

Photo Shoot Dani Barrientos Photographer.

Matteo Malvino Photographer

Photo shoots for Matteo Malvino Photography in Hotel Silken Barcelona, lingerie shoots.

Fashion Show Juliette Hubert

Runway for Juliette Hubert. In Blow Heat Tattoo Studio.

Juliette Hubert and Blow Heat Tattoo Studio

Photo Shoot for Blow Heat Tattoo Studio in Barcelona.

With designer Juliette Hubert and Lluis Lahoz and Alba photographers .

Polaroids Singular Models 

Polaroid for the agency Singulars Models Barcelona Marc Pairot Photographer

 Jonatan JC- Ot Cuevas Photography

Photo shoot model lighting course for Jonatan JC photographer with Ot. Cuevas Photography